All our instructors and staff hold exceptional knowledge and teachings from the land, whether the outdoors called to them or whether it was a part of their upbringing and life.

From hunting, trapping, to nature walks and traditional workshops teachings, The Woods is able to teach both traditional Mètis techniques and contemporary conservation knowledge.


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Gary Poseluzny

Husband to Wendy – Mètis – Gary is our resident handyman. Find him chopping wood, building things and making sure the property is  top notch. Gary likes everything  to be clean and tidy and is always tinkering around the premises. With such great building skills, he enjoys teaching and helping with our bat and bird house workshops, (he’s the guy behind the saw). He loves to fish and can get a little bit competitive at times. A great sport, Gary is usually the centre of all our jokes at The Woods.
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Wendy Poseluzny

Mom to Jesse, wife to Gary – Mètis  – Wendy is the owner/operator of Native Wild, a Mètis store based out of Spruce Grove. The artist behind the sewing machine, she  creates custom fur products such as moccasins, mittens, hats, shawls and pillow coverings. Wendy teaches how to make moccasins,dream catchers, walking sticks, drums  and also offers/demonstrates traditional Mètis ceremonies. Many of her courses are operated out of The Woods. She absolutely loves the forest at The Woods and plans to live off the land as much as possible. Wendy has an incredible green and a certified trapper. She also enjoys trapping with Jesse and assisting with his courses.
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Jesse Dudzic

Husband to Kendra, son to Wendy – Mètis -Jesse is  our highly knowledgeable and passionate hunter/fisher/trapper. Jesse has been hunting and fishing his entire life and has taken up trapping over the past 3 years. Jesse teaches courses such as bushcraft, ice fishing, fish filleting, basic snaring, knot tying etc.
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Kendra Dudzic

Wife to Jesse Dudzic – Communications/Administration Gal – Kendra is a  lover of the outdoors, passionate about hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, dogs and family. You will find her leading courses such as trail walks, snow shoe tours, and helping Jesse and Wendy with their courses too.