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Medicine Bag Workshop

Surrounded by our stunning boreal forest, make your own traditional medicine bag with genuine leather. Teachings of the Cree language by special guest elder Doreen, optional spirit readings available at additional cost. $130.00 / person – Lunch Included
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Knotty Kids Workshop – Half Day

This course is geared towards teaching youth basic knot tying skills. These skills can be used in various everyday life situations as well as survival situations. This course can be customizable in length depending on how many knot styles are taught and engages youth with stories and hands-on activities. Min 8 people. $40.00/person
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Nest Box Workshop

Our Nest Box Workshop provides participants the opportunity to build their own bird house or bat box on site with the guidance of our conservation instructors. Both birds and bats require a place to nest and take shelter and this activity will help enhance habitat in Alberta. Our simple designs and course structure makes these workshops suitable for all ages. Each participant will be provided all required materials and an educational instruction guide. Each nest box is designed to suit a specific bird or bat species found in Alberta. Our guide and instructors will demonstrate how to install the nest box in the appropriate habitat. $35.00/person
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Bush Craft – Half Day Workshop

This half-day workshop focuses on either basic fire starting or wilderness shelter building. Participants will explore our woods and be given the opportunity to practice one of these skills. $40.00/person
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Bush Craft – Full Day Workshop

This full-day workshop outlines important skills required to survive in the wilderness with both in-class and hands-on learning. Participants will explore our forests and given the opportunity to practice skills such as basic fire starting and wilderness shelter building. $85.00/person (Lunch and Hoodie included in fees)
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Bird House – Take Home Kit

Our bird house kits are designed to be built at home. With a simple design and instructions, these kits are suitable to provide an activity for all ages. Each kit includes pre-cut material, nails and an educational instruction guide. Each bird house is designed to suit a specific bird species found in Alberta. Our guide will provide educational facts on the species as well as how to install the bird house in the appropriate habitat. $22.00/ kit
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Snow Shoe Tours

Snowshoe through our forest on a guided tour. Rentals available. Customizable 1km, 3km and 5km options available. Min 5 people. $15.00/person Snowshoe rental $10.00
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Learn to Ice Fish

Learn how to drill a hole, drop a line and catch a fish through the ice. Participants must purchase an Alberta fishing license in order to participate. Min 6 people. $65.00/person (Lunch and Hoodie included in fees)
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Basic Snaring

Learn how to build and set a basic rabbit snare. Each participant will go home with three snares and the skills and knowledge of how to use them. Min 8 people.