Seeded from their relationship with the land, husband and wife Jesse and Kendra Dubzic acquired 80 acres of wilderness in May 2020.
From that point, they established The Woods Conservation and Education Centre in hopes of encouraging others to build relationships with wilderness and wildlife. Alongside the pair are Jesse’s parents, Wendy and Gary Poseluzny, who assist in the workshops, courses and on-the-land teachings.
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All four instructors and staff hold exceptional knowledge and teachings from the land, whether the outdoors called to them or whether it was a part of their upbringing and life. From hunting, trapping, to nature walks and traditional workshops teachings, The Woods is able to teach both traditional Mètis techniques and contemporary conservation knowledge.


The Woods hopes to continue the courses and workshops we currently offer and broaden the information and teachings we pass on.

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The Woods hopes to ignite a flame in future conservationists and provide a place for current outdoor enthusiasts to participate in conserving wildlife and habitat for generations to come.